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About us

Love innovative products?

We are always on the lookout for innovative products that benefits your body and health! Our team source for these cool products every day and import in bulk so we can offer you at low prices!

We understand shipping cost is a huge concern for our customers that's why we offer incredible low worldwide shipping prices! In fact, we Offer Free Shipping To Canada, USA, France, and Some other countries. 

We ship worldwide and offer 30 days money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the product!

All our orders are sent out in 3 working days and we offer tracking codes to track where your order is!

Last Chance to Get 10% OFF: Use Code "FIRSTORDER" to get 10% OFF your first order! (Limit to first 100 new customers this month!)

Our Guarantee

- Good Customer Service
- Quick Customer Response
- Affordable Pricing
- Innovative Products
- Low International Shipping Prices
- 100% Secure Payment (Paypal & Stripe for Master Card/Visa)
- We do not store your credit card details!


Need Help?

Need help on your orders? Email us Here for support!


- Tarik Driouich, ParisFlavor.com Founder
Phone number +212633333113
Email: Tarik_011@hotmail.fr
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